Christophe Vanleeuw
Christophe Vanleeuw / Front-End Dev / WordPress Lead / HubSpot & WordPress Expert
I am an enthusiastic and inquisitive person who can independently and in a team function properly. Feel free to watch some of my projects on my site.
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Walter van Gastel

Walter van Gastel – Web Development in WordPress

Creating a whole new user experience with a new website in WordPress and Webshop using WooCommerce. Importing old user information from previous website in Drupal into the new WordPress site.

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Urbicoon – Web Development in WordPress

Flexible WordPress with HubSpot Landing pages, automatisation in emails, API-Push to Teamleader CRM from both platforms. (WordPress and HubSpot) Ideal for tracking leads in sales management.

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Update portfolio website

Because I didn’t like my other portfolio website and I found it a bit outdated I decided to make a new one.
So from today we are launching this new updated portfolio website.

Don’t forget to check the portfolio time on regular basis because I will be adding my latest projects when they come live.

Mac Queen Webshop

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Today Mac Queen Webshop is going live together with the new website of dancing Mac Queen! Inclusive with SSL Certificate